The Wild Florist: Botanica Humana Program

For the duration of the group exhibition Botanica Humana we present the installation of Cut Foliage and Flowers by local creative The Wild Florist. The installation will be on view in the gallery until May 27. Wednesday to Sunday 12 – 5 pm.

Cut Foliage and Flowers
The Wild Florist, May 2018

Life and death in an indifferent universe

2 botanical displays – one vase has water – life support
The other vase does not – high and dry

We can observe the varying degrees of decay and permutations across both displays over the course of the several weeks of Botanica Humana

In keeping with the practice and ethos of The Wild Florist – all the foliage for ‘Cut Foliage and Flowers’ has been collected / foraged from inner city front gardens, nature strips and public parks.

A Cut Flower

I stand on slenderness all fresh and fair,
I feel root-firmness in the earth far down,
I catch in the wind and loose my scent for bees
That sack my throat for kisses and suck love.
What is the wind that brings thy body over?

Wind, I am beautiful and sick. I long
For rain that strikes and bites like cold and hurts.
Be angry, rain, for dew is kind to me
When I am cool from sleep and take my bath.
Who softens the sweet earth about my feet.
Touches my face so often and brings water?
Where does she go, taller than any sunflower

Over the grass like birds? Has she a root?
These are great animals that kneel to us,
Sent by the sun perhaps to help us grow.
I have seen death. The colors went away,
The petals grasped at nothing and curled tight.
Then the whole head fell off and left the sky.
She tended me and held me by my stalk.

Yesterday I was well, and then the gleam,
The thing sharper than frost cut me in half.
I fainted and was lifted high. I feel
Waist-deep in rain. My face is dry and drawn.
My beauty leaks into the glass like rain.
When first I opened to the sun I thought
My colors would be parched. Where are my bees?
Must I die now? Is this a part of life?

Karl Shapiro

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