Tania Smith

Tania Smith is a performance artist working across live performance, video and photography. She often works with costume and playfully examines ideas of ‘breaking free’- liberation from structures and boundaries, whether societal or personal. She has exhibited widely in Australia and was part of the Asialink touring exhibition ‘Vertigo’, which toured Indonesia, South Korea and Taiwan. In 2014 she completed a Master of Fine Arts at Monash University, receiving a H1 by assessor Lou Hubbard. In 2015 she was part of the Studio Start-Up program at the Abbotsford Convent. She has been a finalist in the Josephine Schubert and Win Ulrick Photography Award, the Sunshine Coast Art Prize, the M Collection award and the Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women.

“The Untitled (white) series of works continue my interest in depicting the female performing body in the Australian landscape. I make costumes utilising industrial or unconventional materials to create form and compositions of a performing female figure, as part of my ongoing interest in exploring representation and feminist aesthetics. The Untitled (white) series was shot at Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula.The images suggest a picturesque location in sand dunes or by the ocean, with a piece of luxurious white fabric and long black dress evoking commercial photography. Yet the material is waste industrial plastic, and the dune is a pile of landscaping material found at a building supplies store. This reflects the masking and illusory nature of constructing the image of woman. The performer’s face is obscured by the plastic and often the body stands in an exaggerated stance, creating a silhouette of black against the grit and sand, with a clear blue sky above.” – Tania Smith