Leah Emery

Since graduating from the University of QLD in 2002, Leah Emery has exhibited widely in Australia, US and Europe, including numerous prestigious awards and prizes.

“My practice is consumed with rendering explicit scenes of pornography in the traditional medium of cross stitch. By forcing these two seemingly disparate worlds together I create an intriguing and bemusing interaction of subject and medium. The result is a dance of opposing teams coming together in a battle for supremacy. It’s a struggle that can’t be won as each element holds its own. The beauty and the craftsmanship of the woven thread dampens the shock nature of the image, and the image attains a graceful charm that it wouldn’t achieve without the help of the intricacy of the thread.

I use my works to protest the cultural etiquette of withholding healthy public access on topics surrounding sex and intimacy despite being so quintessential to the human experience; while simultaneously cultural tendencies promote and reward an unhealthy manipulated, homogenised aesthetic.”

Leah Emery is represented by Michael Reid Contemporary Art Gallery in Berlin and Gow Langsford Gallery in New Zealand.