Amelda Read-Forsythe

Amelda Read-Forsythe is a Melbourne based artist, a graduate of the University of Tasmania and Monash University, Melbourne. Exhibiting since 1992, she is known for her beguiling, poetic images of landscapes which hint of something more. In 2016 she won the prestigious John Leslie Art Prize held at Gippsland Art Gallery.

Treaty by Alexandra Harrison

Here they are
Side by side
Ideas so round
Elegant impositions
Companion containers
Perfect hosts

Now look
The centuries are slipping
The ground too unstable
For these ornamental curves of proliferation
But they don’t crack
Instead they pour forth a hidden depth
Every tremor delivers expansion
Unbelievably they thrive
Constantly elaborating
Some future fernery

And listen
There is a call on the wind
Blowing us towards folding embrace
The faint glow of treaty then
Out! Out! Out!
Oh it’s just energy!
It’s just constant energy!
Wave to the flowering night sky
The finest part
The most constant of all