Megan Evans

Megan Evans is an interdisciplinary artist, working in video, photography, sculpture, and installation.  These media build on a background in the traditional mediums of painting and drawing. The artist’s visual language draws on the landscape of Australia, Victoriana, and mourning traditions. There is a visceral presence of history within her contemporary practice.

Evans’ work is informed by social issues. It examines the nature of belonging and the impact of colonisation on identity, both self and nation. Her practice ultimately involves a mix of conceptual issues and aesthetic concerns.

“My current work results from over 30 years of investigation into what displaces a sense of belonging in Australia. Whilst my family history in this country can be traced back to the early 1800’s, my late husband’s Aboriginal culture is far more ancient. The establishment of my family in Australia took place at the expense of his.

I use sculpture, drawing, photography, video and performance to articulate complexities associated with colonisation. Much of my imagery combines original 19th century heritage objects including photographs, furniture and decorative arts with craft processes such as beading and needlepoint.

These objects and processes, symbolic of both personal and universal histories, are combined to unsettle traditional understandings of ownership, memory and identity.” – Megan Evans