Chris Humphries

Drawing is at forefront of my Visual Arts practice. It is the underpinning for everything that I currently create. The unassuming act of making marks on a piece of paper to create an image. This simple act creates the complexity within the work I create. The instantaneous results from drawing excite me as well as, the natural inclination to experiment when I draw. My work conveys my passion and dedication towards worthy draughtsmanship.

My core theme is based around the concept of landscape as; a memory and perception. I present my imagery as an emotive response rather than a precise rendering of a landscape. The backdrop for this work is locales such as Hanging Rock in Central Victoria and Bruny Island in Tasmania. My fascination with the landscape has lead me to create drawings that explore the ideas not only in the landscape but associated concepts such as identity, historical context, fictional narratives and environmental issues.

Some time ago I started to draw in books as the textures and surfaces are generally timeworn and aged, which appealed to me. In my book drawings I have combined the ideas of Australian landscape with Australian Authors. I hope this work will prompt reflection on our own Australian identity and culture. Question the notions of traditional Australian Landscape imagery and present such architypes within a contemporary context. The origins of the conceptual framework for this work can even be traced back to the found object notions of Duchamp, derived from the Artist’s manifesto of creating alternative functions for objects, other than the original and intended function.

Taking into account the chronology of my practice my most recent work (Untitled Landscape Diptych), has had a focus on the close-up rendering of the landscape. These drawings are contrasted, local and interpreted from the natural environment. These recent works marry the discipline of drawing with introspection, repetition and abstraction.

Chris Humphries April 2018