Jacky Cheng

Broome based artist Jacky Cheng was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  In 2003, she received her Bachelor of Architecture (Hons 1) from University of New South Wales, Sydney.  She put architecture on hold and pursued her love for ‘creating and making’ in smaller scales.  Jacky works across several mediums incorporating her philosophy of ‘slow art’ – a visual participatory, most notably through paper sculpture.   Her award winning manual hand-cut paper enchantment has since been featured in ABC Kimberley Projects, ‘The Paper Cutter’, ABC Arts – ‘How art changed my life’as well as numerous art feeds and articles locally and internationally.

This series in Botanica Humana evoke a sense of cultural familiarity and order within community through ritual practices or similar purpose in formal and informal ceremonies. “After witnessing my first ‘smoking’ ceremony in the Kimberley in a remote Aboriginal community back in 2007, I was transported back to my childhood and time spent with my grandmother honouring our ancestors traditions through sequestered rituals of incense and joss paper burning within social celebrations and commemorations.”

For Ju Hua I – Chrysanthemum I ,the artist writes: “I have a special fondness for the paradoxical nature, mathematical precision and infinite recursions presented in nature. My architectonic background widened my perspective in the relationships between art, nature and its complexities. The direction in this piece is to mimic nature’s growing process – both in a figurative and literal sense.”

Eleanor Louise Butt

Eleanor Louise Butt makes process led paintings using a personal language of recurring shapes, negative space and distinct colour. Through this ongoing investigation of material and archetypes, she adopts the potentialities of paint to describe abstract phenomena and experiences.

Here We See – Gallery There is very pleased to present the emotionally ephemeral, physically anchored works of Butt who has consistently achieved high praise from curators and collectors since she began her exhibiting career in 2009.