Here We See – Gallery There is a new roaming gallery initiative presenting visual art exhibitions, projects and associated programs within transient ‘galleries’. It is a small business partnership committed to exceptional creative curatorship, fostering economic opportunities for artists with the aim to fund self-sustainable ongoing alternative models for exhibiting and representing contemporary artists in Australia.

Here We See – Guy Lamothe Bio

Guy Lamothe is a winery owner, photographer, and has for many years supported the art scene in Melbourne through his collection of art and his production of documentaries on Melbourne artists via artdot.tv. Here We See is a concept by Guy Lamothe who finds and prepares suitable buildings or locations to facilitate pop up exhibitions supporting the expansion of visual art and culture. Most recently partnering with Gallery There, for new fine art exhibitions and projects.

Gallery There – Marielle Soni Bio

Marielle Soni is a respected Art Consultant, Curator and Director with over 20 years experience within the public and private sectors promoting contemporary Australian art nationally and internationally. She is an enthusiastic champion of artists and their practices, and avidly interested in engaging people with art. Marielle is Deputy-Chair of the Melbourne based arts organisation CLIMARTE – Arts for a Safe Climate . In 2017 Marielle began her own consulting business, and is now the new roaming gallery initiative Gallery There.